Memnia speaks To Cyprus Sailing TV

Η Μέμνια μιλά στο Cyprus Sailing TVMemnia speaks To Cyprus Sailing TV

My name Memnia Theodorou and I’m from Larnaca. I got a small first taste of sailing during my time as a university student. However I had no contact with the sport over the next ten years due to the fact that I had moved to London for work.
I happened upon a poster for the “clipper round the world race” on the London Underground and since it was for beginners I decided to enroll.
After four weeks of compulsory training, we were ready for departure.
Having travelled from London to Australia, I saw mother nature in all its manifestations: Intolerable heat and no wind at all at the equator, storms outside Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town, large “swells” in the Southern Ocean, high board velocities during strong gusts etc. The most beautiful images were created by the magic of mother nature herself: the gorgeous sunsets, the whales, the dolphins, the albatrosses, the sea itself.
After three months at sea, I’ll take some time to rest and I will return to Cyprus later this month.
This race has rekindled my love for the sea and for sailing and I will definitely try find a way to incorporate them into my life upon my return to Cyprus.

Η Μέμνια μιλά στο Cyprus Sailing TVΗ Μέμνια μιλά στο Cyprus Sailing TVΗ Μέμνια μιλά στο Cyprus Sailing TV

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