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Ιωαννίδεια 2016        IOANNIDEIA 2016

Famagusta Nautical Club (FNC) organizes this upcoming September, and specifically during the 1st – 11th of September 2016, the “Ioannideia 2016”, an Event in the memory of the Honorary President and General in Command of the Cyprus Navy, Andrea Ioannide.

Ioannideia established as an annual event of FNC since 2013. Ioannideia take place at FNC, in Limassol and include water sport competitions, as well as social events. The main water sport event is the International Offshore Regatta which had a great success in 2013 and 2014, but greater in 2015 with 38 participants.

In 2015, we had the opportunity to include an International Optimist Regatta as well, for children under the age of 15 with the sponsorship of a well know Optimist manufacturer providing boats for the children and with participation reaching close to 60 competitors. The event set the stage for Ioannideia to be the biggest water sport event in Cyprus.

Both International Regattas, the Offshore Racing as well as the Optimist one are now established at the International Calendars of the International Associations, ORC and IODA respectively. Our efforts to upgrade the event are continuous and we hope soon to have the final format of this year’s Offshore Regatta which is scheduled to take place between the 8th and the 11th of September.

The Racing Schedule of 2016 also includes the established open sea marathons in swimming, rowing, canoe/kayak and biathlon, as well as other social events throughout Ioannideia.

The strong support of our partners, co-organizers, and sponsors, such as Limassol Marina, Moscow Building Service, Cyprus Tourism Organization, Cyprus Broadcasting Organization and so many other smaller sponsors make this possible for FNC and its efforts to upgrade and promote water sports in Cyprus.

We hope that Ioannideia 2016 will be even bigger and more successful than ever before.

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