They measured forces in lake Balaton

Μέτρησαν δυνάμεις στη λίμνη Μπάλατον
They measured forces in lake BalatonΜέτρησαν δυνάμεις στη λίμνη Μπάλατον

Cyprus national team participated in the 420 and 470 Junior European Championship staged in Lake Balaton, Hungary. Between the 29th of July and the 5th of August. Lake Balaton which is the largest lake in Central Europe hosts many international sports events.

The 420 and 470 Junior European Championship was held with the participation of 420 sailors from the whole world Athletes from USA, Argentina , Japan and Hong Kong as the event was «open».

Cypriot athletes made great efforts in intensive competition conditions having satisfactory presence. In races at some stages they were found in high positions.

«We believe that our presence in international twas positive Our objective was mainly to get used to compete with strong opponents without any fear. Wε did it with reasonable success»,said coach Vasilis Iliopoulos

The results
Class 420(U17): Apostolos Apostolides – Nikolas Kanakis (32)
Panos Lappas- Solonas Christodoulou(36)
Class 470: Haris Papazoglou, Rafail Theoharous(46)

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