Andreas Cariolou, Dear friend,

Ανδρέας Καριόλου, Αγαπητέ φίλαθλε, φίλε,

Andreas Cariolou, Dear friend,

Participating in the previous four Olympic Games gave me a lot of experience. This nurtured a strong confidence and belief that the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics is my time for great achievement. Carrying the flags of effort, sportmanship and high ethics while representing the small island of Cyprus for the fifth time makes me incredibly proud. Govermental funding does provide some financial support but most of the time I am required to personally seek additional, private sponsorships. Have you ever thought of assisting an Olympian achieve his dreams and being part of his success story? With your aid, I can give a strong battle for the medal.

Be a part of it, starting now!

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