Interview with Christos Loizou 2

Συνέντευξη με τον Χρίστο Λοΐζου 2

Interview with Christos Loizou 2Συνέντευξη με τον Χρίστο Λοΐζου 2

What are your plans for the future?

In the near future i will stay away from competing as i will be attending a university in the UK for the next 3 years but starting from next season i will attend the European Championship and UK national events.

Are you thinking of switching to RS:X to represent Cyprus in the Olympics in 2020?

That’s a tough question to answer at the moment but the only thing i can tell you is that im really thinking about it and im motivated to try to compete in the Olympics to represent Cyprus.

Are there any sponsor changes for you this year?

Yes,i can confirm that i will not be riding with North Sails/Fanatic anymore.I would like to publicly thank the companies for all the support i received during our partnership.This year my major sponsors are Extreme Sports Makwind surfshop and Princess Yachts Cyprus Ltd.As for sail and board sponsors i can now proudly announce that i will be riding for JP-Australia board and Neilpryde sails!

How did you deal with coming back on the water after so much time out?

It was really hard for me to get motivated after being out of the water for many months.At first i could not find my pace on water which was really frustrating at the beginning but through intense physical and mental training i managed to get the best out of my body so i could train harder to compensate for the time lost.

How do you prepare for a training session?

Before heading to the beach i always listen to my favorite music to get in the zone and while rigging i visualize the moves im doing on the water.

Did you receive any support from the Cyprus Sailing Federation?

Unfortunately not only have i not received any support whatsoever but still the CSF does not acknowledge my results in international competitions.It is something that i try not to think of as it is a big demotivation for an athlete who represents his country to know he has no support from the countries organisations and federations.

How will you deal with being out of the water again for a long period of time?

I know that i have to stay out of the water for 3 months until i get back to Cyprus because i will not have my gear in the UK.I will be training a lot out of the water and working on my flexibility to prevent any injuries when i start to train again on the water.

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