A freestyle Interview with Christos Loizou

Μια Freestyle συνέντευξη με τον Χρήστο Λοΐζου

Studies and how they affect training and competition?

Since I am away for most of the year, studies really affect my training and competition schedule but i am trying my best to combine both and i believe that the result will be rewarding this season. When i am abroad studying, I train out of the water to increase my flexibility and explosiveness as well as strengthen some key areas to prevent injury.Μια Freestyle συνέντευξη με τον Χρήστο Λοΐζου


Does the weather in the UK allow training or do you prefer Cyprus? The weather in the UK allows training but for sure I prefer Cyprus because of the good weather conditions even though I am facing difficulties now since one of my favorite places to train, Faros in Pervolia area, has been destroyed by wave barriers


Only cypriot competing in freestyle windsurfing,any support from CSO?

Unfortunately not only did i not receive any support but the Cyprus Sports Organisation refused to recognize my international results from the European Championships because there are no other professional freestyle windsurfing athletes in Cyprus.Μια Freestyle συνέντευξη με τον Χρήστο Λοΐζου


I know you had meetings in the past with CSA CSO,was there any positive response?any support from the country?

As I mentioned earlier there was no response from the country and also no support. During the meetings with CSA and CSO I was told that because Freestyle Windsurfing is not an olympic sport, that my results can not be recognized from the country and I cannot be supported even though i represent the country.


Sponsors for this year helping you on this difficult journey? 

I am really happy to announce that I will be supported by Princess Yachts for another season. As I mentioned last year I am now sponsored by JP Australia and NEILPRYDE.


Any plans/goals for this season?

My plans for this season is to train as hard as possible and my competition goal is to enter the Top 15 in the European Championship.


What was your best result so far? 

My best result was 9th twice(Lefkada,Brouwersdam) in 2015 and because of that i ended up 16th in the overall ranking of the European Freestyle Pro Tour in 2015.



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