Σχολή Ιστιοπλοΐας Ναυσιπλοΐας Μπλε Ποσειδών


This autumn is again perfect weather in Cyprus to start our training on board our boat “NIREAS“ (Cometta 65).

NIREAS Team has been a big success as a fast sailing, racing, and team so we decided to extend the training trips for MILE BUILDING as well. COME SAIL WITH “NIREAS” share this wonderful and unique experience and have a great sailing time and trip at the open seas of Cyprus.

The first trip is from Limassol to Latsi, Polis, Argaka and back. The whole transfer would take a weekend, with an overnight stay at Polis. We decided to divide this trip into 2 legs. It means you can participate in any leg you choose according to your skills and expectations, or join us for the whole transfer – its up to you!

This is not a standard training course, you will only be awarded with the memories of participating in an exceptional long trip along Cyprus and an overnight stay at POLIS, where dancing is optional.

This mile-building can be the best way to see and experience sailing in the real open sea but in the security of a safe boat and crew and sail around half of the island of Cyprus and back. Get the opportunity to visit some of the most wonderful and virgin places of Cyprus and much more.


1st leg Limassol Marina – Polis  85 NM; Friday 25th of September, 2020 leaving late afternoon until 26th of September arriving at Polis.

17.30. Friday 25th arrival on board at Limassol Marina

18.30. Friday 25th leaving Limassol Marina

07.50. (Saturday) Depending of weather conditions visiting Latsi and heading for Polis

Arrival ETA at Polis at: 11.10am., swimming and visiting beach, leaving boat 14.30. for hotel (Saturday)

Saturday we do sailing in afternoon towards Pomos and we decide the time we head back on shore.

Sunday we sail from morning, snacks onboard and sail in the Golf of Morfou. By 17.30 head back to Limassol.

2nd leg Argaga (POLIS) – Limassol Marina 85 NM; Leaving Sunday 17.30.

Arrival at Limassol Marina ETA 06.10. (Monday).

Price 200 euro/person * snacks onboard and hotel for crew included. Rooms are shared at Euros 30p/p. if you wish to have a private room is extra Euros 30. If you invite a family member Room is extra Euros 30p/p.